Terms and conditions

For the comfort and safety of all visitors to the Bäniyala homelands please observe the following conditions.

The Bäniyala homelands are private property and NT Laws, plus local rules decided by Traditional Owners apply. Please read the following information carefully:


  • All accommodation fees to be paid in advance.
  • Sites and facilities must be kept clean and tidy at all times.
  • Sites and facilities must be left fully restored, clean and tidy on departure including all fire debris and rubbish.
  • At campsites please ensure all fires are contained within a fire pit and completely extinguished prior to vacating the site.
  • No unreasonable noise at any time, particularly after 10pm.
  • At campsites please keep the use of generators to a minimum and only between the hours of 8am and 8pm.
  • Trees and shrubs must not be damaged.
  • Dogs must be kept on a tethered leash at all times.
  • No fireworks, firearms or other explosives or weapons are permitted at recreation areas or campgrounds.
  • Liability or responsibility for damage to or loss of personal belongings is not accepted.
  • The Baniyala Community Safety Committee reserves the right to direct any person to vacate the area at any time without the necessity of stipulating the reason for such action and any person so directed shall vacate the area without delay.
  • An official receipt of payment is recognised as acceptance by all campers and their guests, of these terms and conditions, and as an official permit to stay during its period of currency, unless it is made void sooner as a result of misconduct.

Road access
To drive to the Dholuwuy Recreation Area or Baniyala VOQ / Stingray Campground, you can:

  • drive from the Central Arnhem Road turnoff to Dholuwuy or Bäniyala
  • drive between Dholuwuy and Bäniyala
  • drive down to the beach at Dholuwuy to launch and retrieve boats

You cannot:

  • drive on any other roads
  • drive on the beach outside the Dholuwuy Recreation Area

If you are driving in any other places on the Bäniyala homelands you are trespassing on private property.

Trail cameras are used on the Bäniyala homelands for public safety. If you are on the Bäniyala homelands, you may be photographed. Police, Rangers, and BGAC employees regularly monitor recreation areas and campgrounds and the Bäniyala homelands.

For public and animal safety, hunting by visitors is not permitted anywhere in the Bäniyala homelands.

For public safety consumption of alcohol is not permitted anywhere in the Bäniyala homelands. Persons consuming alcohol will be reported to the Police. They may be fined and have their Permit to purchase alcohol in Nhulunbuy revoked.